Mary and Andrew's wedding at Valleybrook Country Club

Who wouldn’t enjoy photographing a model’s wedding? Yea, I hear the crickets loud and clear myself. I had the pleasure of working with Mary a few years ago on bridal fashion and remember we had a blast back then, just as we had a great time this past weekend with her and her hubby Andrew. We played around the grounds of the beautiful Valleybrook Country Club and then headed inside for the party where SEK Productions entertained us with a nice new and old beats mix. Enjoy the photographs and do dare to share.

Mary and Andrew-377-22Mary and Andrew-82-1

Mad men styleMary and Andrew-97-2-6 Valleybrook Country Club Mary and Andrew-123-2-9 Mary and Andrew-148-2-Edit-Edit-10 Mary and Andrew-102-2-7 Mary and Andrew-35-3 Mary and Andrew-71-2-4 Mary and Andrew-9-2-1 Mary and Andrew-60-2-2 Mary and Andrew-233-11 Mary and Andrew-257-12Mary and Andrew-351-2-1 Valleybrook Country Club

Got kick?Mary and Andrew-302-13 Mary and Andrew-462-2-15 Mary and Andrew-445-2-14 Mary and Andrew-318-18 Mary and Andrew-351-Edit-21 Mary and Andrew-468-2-16 Mary and Andrew-255-3-24 Mary and Andrew-286-3-25 Mary and Andrew-532-19 Mary and Andrew-556-20 Mary and Andrew-190-3-23

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